A Testimony by Penny Sheahan

For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.
1 Corinthians 4:20

A Testimony by Penny Sheahan
I sure was in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME on that Sunday in October of 2010. Amazing, really.

I went to Starbuck’s before heading to church and was getting ready to leave the parking lot when the Holy Spirit told me: “Wait two more minutes.” So, I did. After waiting, I pulled out of the parking lot, ready to make a turn to get onto the freeway, when I saw a man lying faceup on the pavement in the turn lane. He was bloody, prostrate, made no movement, and was out cold. I leapt from my car and ran to the man. Another guy was there dialing 911. I said: “I’m going to pray for him.” I knelt down, laid my hands on his forehead and prayed: “NO internal injuries and complete recovery.” When I did, he WOKE UP! I told him God was with him and to RELAX — that he would be okay. He began to MOVE. There were two policemen there by then who were asking the man questions. He had no memory at all. I kept praying. His MEMORY returned. I saw that he had a gold chain around his neck. It was bloody, but I reached around his neck, anyway, and pulled something to the front. It was a beautiful gold cross! I looked up at the police and told them that the guy was fine and I needed to get to church. I was a little late!

I believe we are coming into the perfect timing and perfect placement of God. When this happens, Heaven responds. The Kingdom of God invades. Miracles erupt. He is pleased. Lord, may Thy Kingdom come, may Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven — through us all.


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