Biography and Calling

The Lord called Penny to the ministry 40 years ago with His Word: “Help My people.” God enabled her in various ways as she began a life of helping; mainly in the gifts of healing, deliverance, prophecy, counseling, and preaching the Word of God. She has been trained and ordained by Iverna Tompkins Ministries since 1985. Through this training, she has developed a strong Biblical foundation.

The Lord has formed Penny into a vivacious, warm, and surprisingly deep communicator; full of the Word and power of the Holy Spirit. Her pastor says Penny is “gentle on the outside; a giant slayer on the inside.”

She is the founder and president of Internet World Link, a company formed to advance the Word of God in the earth through multimedia, Way of Truth Ministries, Inc., a non-profit Christian evangelistic corporation in operation since 1987, and Glorious Gems, a prophetic jewelry company.

Through God’s grace and provision and with full support of her husband, family, and friends, she has reached over 25 nations and five continents with the Word of God and prophetic intercession. This year will mark the sixth continent reached — Australia. Overseas, the Lord equipped Penny to lead teams in prayer and evangelistic outreaches, preach in churches and leadership conferences, help birth and establish churches, ordain pastors and leaders, and plan strategy for His end time move in the Nations.

She is equipped for the following:

In her 70 years, experience through many life challenges has formed a positive, non-judgmental attitude. Through the Lord’s eyes, Penny is often able to see beyond the problem to the solution; beyond the outward appearance to the heart.

Strategy is a natural to Penny. She has an unusual visionary capacity to help others see God’s plans and purposes for their lives, as well as the ability to engage in stratospheric warfare.

The Lord accomplishes much through this ministry in a short amount of time. Penny is one who is sent with an unusual “breaker” type anointing; Micah 2:12, 13. Long-time problem areas in individual lives, in nations, and in organizations have often been broken. Churches have sprung up quickly under this anointing and remain. Deep rooted relational issues have been quickly resolved.

The gifting in Penny’s life is for healing of the Nations and to help others reach their potential in God’s Kingdom. She is committed to these.