“Jerusalem Inhabited as Towns Without Walls . . .”

Excavations at the City of David

Zechariah 1:14-16  and Zechariah 2:4,5

On this, the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, this prophecy was released to me. Enjoy!

Placed strategically in the midst of the valleys surrounding her, Jerusalem stands . . . a city with fortified walls. Below is a picture of the “City of David” built 3,000 years ago and continues to be unearthed. Debbie, Sophie, and I stood at its highest point, presumably on top of the remains of King David’s palace itself. From this vantage point we could see the hills surrounding Jerusalem . . . from the Mount of Olives, continuing through Mount Zion and extending 360 degrees around; making a natural defense barrier for her. Surely, this could become a “city without walls.” But how? We know scripturally that Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies. The indication from Luke 21:20 is its destruction. But, either before or after these things occur, either a new day or an intermission from conflict is coming for this, the City of the Great King. To this end, we prayed. To this end, eschatologically, I saw. My hope is that this vision speaks of an interlude that will be soon and last long.

Vision: By the grace and revelation of our God, I saw Jerusalem become a bastion of peace, a city defended; without need of any walls. The city was safe! The people were safe! As I looked in the Spirit, I saw warring angels upon every hill surrounding the city. God Himself, the Lord of Hosts, was defending her. Our God will be, as the scripture says, “A wall of fire around her and the glory in the midst of her. As we prayed, I saw war begin. This multitude of angels stood; fiercely prepared as vast enemy armies approached; coming up the backside of the mountains with tanks, infantry, and munitions. These armies had one intention; “conquer Jerusalem!” Suddenly, acting at the awesome commanding voice of the Lord God Almighty, the angels went into action, hurling “hail stones” and “balls of fire” down the mountains. A glorious light then immediately filled the whole interior space; reaching from earth to Heaven. Shortly after this war was won, Jerusalem was in peace. She was never touched.

Step Out!

God Called Me Jacob

How difficult it is to be unique, i.e., different from the crowd and, therefore, often misunderstood by man. Yet, if we walk the path God has ordained for our lives, we will undeniably be both. Throughout history, God searches for those individuals who will step out to follow Him; to become the uniquely different people He called them to be. At the very beginning of our Judeo Christian heritage, uniqueness clearly appears in the lives of the patriarchs of Israel. Of the three patriarchs chosen by God – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it is Jacob who is the most unique; the least understood and certainly the least revered. Yet, out of his genetic pool were born the entire twelve tribes of the nation of Israel. More was produced from his life numerically in extending God’s kingdom on earth than Abraham and Isaac’s lives combined. Abraham began the nation; Isaac continued the nation. But, it was through the life of Jacob that God’s desire for a people for Himself was advanced and increased. We are in desperate need today for advancement in the Kingdom of God: both through God’s nation, Israel, and God’s body, the church.

Throughout recent history there have been those like Abraham who have been chosen by God to begin…birthing both the nation of Israel and new movements in the body of the Messiah, the church. We have had those who have caught the fire of those beginnings; then continued developing, building on what was begun, as did Isaac. Now, where are the Jacobs who will take this fire from their predecessors and run forward to bring dramatic, worldwide extension of the Kingdom of God? It could be you and me!

To God be the GLORY

Penny touching the prayer book at the Western Wall

Jerusalem, 2017

Bill and I were sent to ISRAEL last month with the following scripture and Word from the Lord:

The scripture:
I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy; My house shall be built in it says the Lord of hosts. And a surveyor’s line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem” (Zechariah 1:16).

The Word:
There will be an incident on the temple mount.”

And so we left for Israel. Because we stepped out in faith, we witnessed one of the greatest miracles in Israel in 2000 years. All we did and prayed lead up to this miracle moment; the moment, since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, that the Jewish people were able to pray on the temple mount.

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