Glimpses of Glory!

One long reverberating blast of the shofar, the trumpet of God, echoed in waves from the summit of Mt. Sinai—penetrating rocks and trees; shaking the wilderness with awesome majesty. One man alone understood. At the sound of that trumpet voice, a solitary man stepped trembling from the crowd. Moses, the meekest of all men, slowly began his ascent to the heights of Mt. Sinai.

This mount, now quaking as in fear at the presence of God, was not unfamiliar to Moses. He had been there before. The trumpeting voice that signaled him to “come up” was the voice of the God he knew. Moses was prepared for the glory he would soon experience. He would be able to stand when God appeared to him, for he had been given “Glimpses of Glory.”

Mission to Puerto Rico


“Remember” in Hebrew at the Holocaust Memorial, San Juan

Human being, I have appointed you to be a watchman for the house of Israel. When you hear a Word from My mouth, you are to warn them for Me” (Yechezk’el) Ezekiel 3:17).

The letter and Word to our contact in San Juan:

Thanks for checking on our Seder reservations. Bill and I enjoyed it! I did make a bit of a mistake, though. I was complimenting the Rabbi on their new building and Mikveh. In my enthusiasm, I said: “And your future daughter-in-law will be in the Mikveh soon!” He said, “Oh, you’ve been listening to the gossip!” I looked at him with a totally blank stare and said: “No, I don’t know any gossip!” He then left the table.

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