Follow Me

Follow Me, I’m leading you home
Follow Me, for you are My own
Come away, come away, My holy one
I’m leading you, leading you home

I’ll follow You for You are my Lord
I’ll follow You wherever You go
I’ll leave behind whatever You say
I’m following, following You

– Penny David Sheahan

It Is FINISHED! There is something new coming! Many of us sense this in the Spirit. Doors are closing to the last chapter of our lives. However, THE DOOR, Jesus, Yeshua Ha Maschiach, is poised to open anew and lead us out of the old stale past to new, rich pasture, the pasture of abundant life and provision.

Sometimes the closing door is disconcerting, maybe even frightful. Know, however, God won’t close the past door until we have completed and perfected the previous chapter. When it does close, we can be assured we have passed His tests and finished the work He gave us to do. This means He is pleased with us! Many will soon hear: “Well done My good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the JOY of the Lord!”
Matthew 25:23

This time will bring us into the REST of God and usher us into a new season of RULERSHIP with Him. Oh the joy this will bring!

Joy #1 Completion of the former work: Matthew 25:19
After a long time the master returns to see what we have done
(or completed) through our faithfulness and diligence. We will then hear His “well done.”

Joy #2 Cessation of the former work: Hebrews 4:7
We will now enter His rest. He who has entered this rest has ceased from his own work. This phase seems difficult for many of us as we equate work with value. But, during this time of cessation, we will begin to realize our TRUE VALUE to God; the value of worship. The Father is actively seeking, desiring, those who will worship him in Spirit and in truth. Our rest will be birthed out of worship and it will be glorious!

Joy #3 Commencement of the greater work: Matthew 25:23
He will make you ruler over much. With this rulership comes abundance of life and ministry. As we rest, He now takes over and oh, the miracles and fulfillment we shall see!

Once again its time for His sheep to follow Him into new pasture laden with crisp, fresh, healthy spiritual blessing and new, greatly increased spiritual authority. We can hardly wait! This will truly be the “Time of abundance” Spoken of in John 10:10. May we soon let go of the past completely, hear new direction clearly and follow accordingly.

See you there, in our new abundant life, as together we follow our Lord out of the old; into the unprecedented, glorious place He has prepared for us all.

My blessings always,


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