Healing in His Wings

But to you who fear my name the son of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings” 

(Malachi 4:2). 


Dawning of the New Day
Last night, I saw the New Day! It came with Divine HEALING! Hallelujah!

I was looking in a spiritual vision over a large, dark expanse when suddenly … I saw the Lord! On the horizon, shining bright as the sun, golden wings widely outstretched, covering this whole startling vista, arose the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Maschiach. His glorious head burst forth, shining in its brilliant strength. His wings were a stunningly bright gold like the wings of a dove unfurled magnificently; horizontally covering the whole Eastern skyline. He began to arise slowly; showering amazing splendour over the earth.

I was quite stunned; filled with amazement and joy as He rose in this, His grand glory, the glory of the only begotten Son of God. I had been waiting with countless others, standing in faith over 40 years for His New Day to begin. Here, at last, it was! It couldn’t have been better … for our Lord Jesus not only brought the New Day, He WAS the New Day! I watched in rapt attention as out from His glorious head emanated a pathway of golden light. The light covered a wide swath at the far away place where I was standing; narrowing as the pathway approached Him.

As His glorious New Day arose, many of His people began to awaken. Only some could actually see the golden pathway, however. Those who could see the path quickly gathered into it. Now bathed in His light, these changed form; looking like light itself, carried by Him, floating ever nearer toward His magnificent head. As these blessed people moved forward, they were totally, beautifully healed. So many had waited for this moment of healing! Now whole, they broke forth in jubilant song: “I will sing unto the Lord for He hath triumphed gloriously!”

In the vision, the Spirit of the Lord now lifted me UP so I could see this group of people from a position above it. As I looked down, I saw the group assembling and forming into a surprising image. The image was of a glorious bride, without spot or wrinkle, appearing as one magnificent body prepared for her Heavenly husband, Yeshua. She was adorned in glistening white righteousness. She wore a crown on her head indicating her royal status and governmental call. She was drawn closer and closer to His magnificent, fiery head … and  now! Oh my! She was drawn up, transported into His very head, into the mind of Christ itself! Talk about putting on the mind of Christ! Wow! Each person had a unique governmental position here; a place prepared just for them. It would be their place of function in the Kingdom of God.

Now the scene changed. The glorious path to our Lord widened significantly. Multitudes from all Nations and kindreds saw, then spilled into it. As with the other group, they were drawn forward, closer to Him. Our God smiled jubilantly as He stretched out His waiting wings and encircled them all. “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem,” He spoke, “how I have longed to gather you under My wings!” As He spoke, each person was gathered INTO Him; now drawn, not to His head, but into His glorious outstretched wings. This is great fulfilment to Him. He has waited so long! (This is only partial fulfilment, though. This is spiritual Jerusalem. Natural Jerusalem will come a little later)

After this happened, I saw Him rise with both the bride and the multitude initiating the brand New Day of God. He was about to move across the whole earth bringing light and glory; reclaiming, restoring, enlightening, governing — engulfing the earth in His glory as the waters cover the sea.

The vision ended. I was told to wait 10 days (whether in type or in actual days, I don’t know) then to move forward into His light and glory. Here we go into the New Day!

May You arise quickly, dear Lord, with Divine healing in Your all encompassing wings!!! We, Your people, are waiting! 

Prayer Base

Ezekiel’s vision of a wheel within a wheel. A good representation of God’s will combined with our will in prayer. 1.  TACTICS:  What is the

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Vision of the Birth of the Child

The Changing Church Part 8
The culminating vision takes place at the time of delivery spoken of in Revelations 12. The “mother church” is in travail as a woman in child birth. I saw her in the delivery room now giving birth to the child she had carried 40 long years (1976 – 2016).

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Vision of the Maidens

The Changing Church Part 7
An ordinary day, I thought, certainly nothing to be extremely excited about. What seems to be the onset of a hum-drum day, however, becomes extraordinary when touched by the Spirit of the living God. That day He touched me to again see into His supernatural world. This time the vision coincided with my own personal life.

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Vision of the Donkey – 1976

The Changing Church Part 6
Actually, this is the first of several visions the Lord gave me 40 years ago on the topic of the new move in the Body of Christ. While straining, pressing in to focus on the scene before me, I marveled at this wondrous way God speaks to us. It was, unbeknownst to me, to become the way I live, minister, endure, and overcome. Coupled with the Word of God, visions can lead and guide us into His truth very easily; very quickly – “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions…” (Joel 2:28).

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Vision of the Wave

The Changing Church Part 5
The sea looked calm, but gray and ominous. There was a feeling of rising, pent up anger just waiting to surface. Something was about to happen—to explode—as the Holy Spirit seemed to brood over the waters as He did in the beginning: “. . . and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:2, KJV).

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