Led by His Presence

A Word from the Lord to Penny For All

“You have said, ‘If Your presence does not go with us, we will not proceed.’ I have been faithful. Have I not continued with you?

In the past year, you would diligently search My Word for the path I had chosen and find it. I have rejoiced with you in this. Your seeking has been well-pleasing to Me. Your absolute adherence to the way you have seen has been well-pleasing to Me. Thank you for your undivided hearts and your steadfastness. I have seen your love for Me at every step.

You will no longer be able to see the way. However, you must instead learn to follow My presence for I am making a way in the wilderness; a path you cannot comprehend.

In My presence, there is peace. In My presence, there is joy. In My presence, love reigns. Follow after these things and you will find My way through the wilderness into a new dimension in Me; a dimension you have longed for. I am bringing you into My glorious rest. When you have entered this dimension, you will know My fullness in your lives and ministry. You will “Go no more out” of My presence. You will have gained an eternal place in Me.

At this time, seek to maintain My presence at all costs. You will lose it easily at first. If strife and contention begin, My presence will depart. If love and unity of heart is broken, My presence will depart. When you realize I am distant, quickly repair the breach. Seek Me immediately and I will be easily found of you.

You will love walking My way in this new day. I will love walking it with you.”

–Your Lord