Poetry by Penny Sheahan

Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.” –Exodus 19:4
On Eagles’ Wings
On eagles’ wings He brought me there,
Now I must breathe much different air.
Far below the sheep content,
His higher way my heart’s intent.
Forsaking all that I have known,
My gaze is fixed on Him alone.
I do not care what man may say,
For I must walk this higher way!
January 28, 1996
Glimpses of Glory
Glimpses of glory burst into view —
Surprising, delightful visions of You.
Where may we find You? Where do You dwell?

“I live with the humble; the contrite as well.
I’ll show you My glory as you walk My way —
In lowly submission, do all that I say.
If you put your knowledge and pride on the shelf,
Take up My cross and crucify self,
Glimpses of glory will be your reward —
You’ll know Me as King; you’ll know Me as Lord.”
–February 10, 1998
Jacob’s Lament
God called me Jacob early one day.
Oh, don’t call me Jacob I
earnestly prayed;
Surely there’s a name I could accept
Better than Jacob; that makes me upset!

Call me firstborn, I cried
from my innermost parts;
I could serve You as leader,
I’m quick and I’m smart,
But God called me Jacob as
right from the start.

Call me blessed, for then I
know I could bless
Others around me; don’t let me be less.
“Jacob is cunning, surely, and proud;
Your name is still Jacob,” God said out loud.

Call me delivered, responded my soul;
Perhaps You’ll remove all that is foul.
“Yes, you are Jacob,” my Father declared,
“And much of your personality
is snared.”

All caught in traps, I know
You’ll undo;
Call me restored, Father,
please for my sake move.
“In all this you’re Jacob,”
God did respond,
“And each cry of your heart,
I’ll meet without bound.

For Jacob I love you as I look
at your heart,
And behold great beauty not
there at the start.
You’ll no longer be Jacob,” my
Lord did explain;
“Israel now is a much better name.

You’ve learned your lessons,
Well you’ve been taught;
Older and wiser, more humbly
you’ll walk.
I’ll trust you to share
In all that I do,
And in this day, My church
Will honor you, too.”
March 31, 1994
Close to Thee
Tho far away your face may be;
In prayer, He’ll keep me close to thee.

I’ll walk with you and hold your hand
As friend to friend, I’ll understand.

The road you walk, I travel, too.
You’re not alone; I’m still with you.

If it should be our Lord should call
And I’d go home — forsaking all,

Yet, still among the clouds . . . you’d see!
In prayer, He’d keep me close to thee!
June 19, 1996
The Promise
I used to walk by Your promises, Lord.
I looked at them way off in time.

My footsteps by faith I kept in Your way.
Oh, how I struggled and tried!

Get there I must and so I pursued —
the answer is not far ahead,

But weary and worn, hope still deferred,
I stopped . . . unable to tread.

Then Jesus, You came with wisdom untold,
“Child simply look up to Me.

Grace I will pour forth as you look at My face.
I am the Promise, you see.”
February 24, 1993
Runaway Child
May I cry on your shoulder?
I can’t bear the pain.
The love in your heart will heal.

Oh, Jesus, You’re lovely. . .
You reach out Your hand;
“Touch My side and you’ll know how I feel.

My children forsook Me;
They all ran away,
Yet, I seek them and mercies compass Me.

I’ll teach you to do this,
Gather many who’ve strayed,
The love in your heart spilling freely;

Out of your side flowing water and blood
That many may run home to meet Me.”
Forever With Jesus
He has built a house for me
High above in the heavenlies,
Where none can come with evil intent;
The ones who enter He has sent.
There is no day; there is no night;
We radiate with living light —
No past, no future;
Time stands still.

Of the fountain of God,
We have our fill.
Worship is the only sound;
Through every room it does resound.
His presence is our all in all —
Forever with Jesus,
We will dwell.

September 12, 1997
Prepare My Bride
Prepare Me a body to live with always;
Without spot or wrinkle upon her I pray.
My light will shine through her;
transparent she’ll be,
And she will live with Me through all eternity.

I’ll prepare you a body that shall be Your bride;
I’ll reach her to teach her to walk by Your side.
I’ll take out the spots, Lord,
that there might not be
Darkness within her through all eternity.
Ringstraked and Speckled
The white sheep are gathered all in a line,
How nice to have all alike; how sublime!

A few different there are . .. a spotted or two,
But all ringstraked and speckled, what could we do?

We could try to corral them; tie them with knots,
But ringstraked and speckled don’t stay in one spot!

They each have their calling and are determined to go,
Oh, ringstraked and speckled, why won’t you flow?

Well, Jacob, you take them; you’ll know what to do,
‘Cause you’re one of those quite different ones, too!

We’ll stay with the white sheep all in a row,
But go with these new ones, oh no!!

It isn’t exciting, but we are at ease.
Just let us stay in our safety, please.

We may not see Canaan or God face to face;
You go ahead, Jacob, and run this new race!!


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