Prophetic Word

Season of Worship: Will You Come?
You can’t afford to pour oil out to the people at this time. The oil I have is given is for ME. I desire your worship, your time, your heart. It is TIME to refuse to give the oil I have given you. It is Time to pour out in WORSHIP, not WORD. It is TIME, in this dark hour to go forth to meet ME. I AM waiting. Will you come?

Many will say, ‘Why is this waste made?’ You have so much to give the people. But I say unto you, CHOOSE this day whom you will serve. Will you serve the people’s needs or MINE? Will you walk by the dictates of men or by the dictates of God?

Again I say unto you, I AM waiting. Will you COME?”

Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment (or FRAGRANT OIL), and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste?For this ointment (or FRAGRANT OIL) might have been sold for much, and given to the poor–Matthew 26:7-9, NKJV

Arise My Love!
A Prophetic Word
for His Bride

This day I call you ‘Hephzibah,’ for My Delight is surely in you. I have seen your seeking heart; your heart that longs after Me. I have been pleased at your insatiable desire to be with Me in a new dimension of fellowship. I will now enable you to come up higher even into the realms of My Glory, for I give unto you who seek Me eagles’ wings . . . wings that will catch the wind of My Spirit; wings that will lift you into a new realm of glory.


Come away from the World. Come away from the fear of man that has had you ensnared, for I have a NEW PLACE for you, a NEW ASSIGNMENT for you, a WONDERFUL BLESSING for you as you reach for the higher way. I have watched as you have been pulled back from Me by the will of man, but I say to you, the will of man will NO LONGER PREVAIL in your lives. MY WILL for your lives will NOW be accomplished. Storms of life that have dashed your hopes of a higher way are GONE this day.

You will walk with Me in glory, you will ascend to heights above that which you have dreamed, for I have given to you this day, ‘Wings of Glory.’


But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him–John 4:23

Prophecy – August 26, 1995

I want you to “ignite” hearts. Speak of Me as you know Me and others will begin to hunger and thirst after more of Me. One taste is all they will need. One spark and I will fan it. One crumb and I’ll give them the whole loaf.

You are not aware of how well you know Me, but I will bring the knowledge of Me out of the depths of your heart and soul. I will “draw out” now that which I have poured into you, that which I have changed within you, that which I have increased within you that many may taste and see that I Am Good, I Am Merciful, I Am Everlasting, I Am Love, I Am Savior, I Am Blessed Forever, and the One who is the blessing for My people.

This is My work and it will simply flow from your innermost being. It will not be difficult. It will bring you great pleasure and delight.

The hearts will become inflamed with first love for Me!

This is My heart’s desire.

The Bridegroom’s Desire
Prophetic Word

My beloved one, My desire is for you, MY Bride, and you alone. Although My concern and compassion, My mercy, and longsufferng is for all the world and all My church, My DESIRE, My longing, and My joy is for you — My Bride.

I have seen your struggles as you have walked My way. I have seen you cast out for My name’s sake. I have watched as you have spoken of Me with bridal love. I have seen the negative reaction that you have incurred. In all of this, I have watched and have seen that each negative circumstance has drawn you closer to Me. I am pleased with you. I AM pleased.

NOW, I will draw you away from negative circumstances. Now, I will seat you in heavenly places in a new level of authority with Me. Now, I will rebuke those that have criticized you. Now, I will send you as My representative to many nations and peoples to speak of Me.

You have shown Me who you are, beloved one, in many trials. Now, I will show you who I AM in a new dimension. You have known Me as Savior, as Provider, as Shepherd, and King. Now, I will reveal Myself to you, My faithful Bride, as BRIDEGROOM. I will appear to you in glory and no man will ever again take your joy from you. No one will be able to suppress you. No enemy will be able to depress you.

Come, My Bride, My desire, My joy, and crown. Come into the place I have prepared for you and you alone. Come and sit by My side. Come into this new place of fellowship. Come into a new anointing and authority. All of this I have prepared in this new day for you, My love, My dove, My undefiled.

To His Bride
Prophetic Word
Given to Penny Sheahan On March 15, 1991

“I am standing before you now saith the Lord, desiring to cover you with My garments, to clothe you anew with My presence that My fragrance will pour forth from you. You shall no longer carry the fragrance of the world which is the stench of death, but will emit the very fragrance of life.

I see you as Ruth, lying at the feet of Boaz, longing for Me to cover you in a more intimate way than you have ever known. You long for the union of the two of us as bride and bridegroom. Nothing short of conjugal union will satisfy your heart or Mine, so I stand ready, anxiously waiting to cover you completely with My very being.

I stand at the door of your heart knocking, asking, ‘Will you make yourself ready? Will you be cleansed anew with My blood? Will you put off the old garments of hate and bitterness and self-pity once and for all? Will you allow Me to purify you even as the sons of Levi that you may walk in a new and higher way in Me? (Malachi 3:3). Will you put off once and for all the sins of the flesh and be clothed in My righteousness in every area of your being that we may be One? I ask only for your willingness, and when I have your permission and know fully what you desire, I will quickly remove the old nature even as I removed the filthy garments from Joshua the High Priest. It will be a quick work of repentance I will bring to you that you may instantly be clothed with My garments (Zechariah 3:3,4 — “I will clothe you with rich robes”).’

The joy you will have in this union will be unspeakable and you will fulfill My joy as you stand as MY Queen at My side clothed in the pure gold of My nature. How splendid we will be as we walk together through this earth, for surely My glory shall be yours. You shall arise and shine with My very presence — without spot or wrinkle; transparent you’ll be and you shall live with Me for all eternity.”

When the Dust Settles
Word of God

Thus saith the Lord: “The ungodly will flee at My presence. They shall be scattered . . . even scattered as dust before Me. For the flood of ungodly men has made My people afraid. I will NOW ARISE and DRY UP the flood of ungodliness.

I will send a mighty wind and BLOW AWAY the enemies of My people. You will look for them and not find them, for I, the Lord your God, am about to move in POWER on behalf of My people. Do not be disturbed by the things you see for you have not seen Me move in this way before. You have not seen the hills shake at My presence. You have not seen the fire that goes before Me. You have not heard the mighty wind in which I move nor seen the Way in the seas that I make as I move through the oceans of the world.

Watch as I lift you, My righteous people, above the stench of the world into the place of holiness where I dwell; above principalities and powers and their rule over you. For have I not said you will be the head and not the tail? Have I not said to them that overcome that they will rule and reign with Me? THIS is THAT TIME, saith the Lord. This is the time of the exaltation of the righteous remnant.

Again, I say unto you. WAIT. Wait through the earthquakes, wait through the fire, wait through the wind, for at the end, I will speak and you will see CLEARLY what I am asking you to do. You will see CLEARLY those of the same spirit and calling; those who will be with you in these last days. You will see CLEARLY as I lift MY remnant to rule with Me. You will see CLEARLY the character of My Son revealed in My people. Communication will be CLEAR once again. I will speak to you plainly and you will move accordingly.

Then you will see My GLORY fill the earth for you will see MY people work WITH ME in a cooperative effort to establish My Kingdom on this earth. You will see My people move in love towards one another, each one preferring the other. You shall arise and shine as one in this move and sweep VERY QUICKLY over the earth gathering all who shall be saved . . . then shall the end come, saith your God.”


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