Ringstraked and Speckled

The white sheep are gathered all in a line,
How nice to have all alike; how sublime!
A few different there are . . . a spotted or two,
But all ringstraked and speckled, what could we do?

We could try to corral them; tie them with knots,
But ringstraked and speckled don’t stay in one spot!
They each have their calling and are determined to go,
Oh, ringstraked and speckled, why won’t you flow?

Well, Jacob, you take them; you’ll know what to do,
‘Cause you’re one of those quite different ones, too!
We’ll stay with the white sheep all in a row,
But go with these new ones, oh no!!

It isn’t exciting, but we are at ease.
Just let us stay in our safety, please.
We may not see Canaan or God face to face;
You go ahead, Jacob, and run this new race!!

Penny Sheahan

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