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Reason vs. Revelation by Penny Sheahan
King David sat in his house. The presence of the Lord remained with the Ark on Mt. Zion. David was keenly aware of the separation between his God and himself. Desire stirred deep within his heart — a desire to do something to bridge the gap; to draw closer to the Lord he loved. Yearning to express this love was becoming increasingly painful; almost unbearable at times. His heart ached to do something meaningful for his God. What could it be? That’s it — a house for the Ark! The thought bubbled from the spring of love within David and rose in a current of the finest, purest desire. His longing found concrete expression in this thought — I’ll build the Lord a permanent dwelling place.

From His eternal throne, the Most High God listened with ears that heard beyond David’s reasoning; peered with eyes of infinite wisdom into the innermost core of His servant. Delighted with what He saw, the Lord God Almighty felt a quickening within Him. This is what I have waited for, He thought. Here is a man who longs for unbroken fellowship with Me. I will begin to unveil My plan to him. “David,” the Lord called out. His voice reverberated into David’s whole being. The sound thundered in David’s ears, then stretched beyond until each part of his soul quivered with the sound of his Lord’s majestic voice. David stood poised and breathless. Would there be more?

David, let Me reveal My desire to you,” the Lord continued. “You are now ready to understand. Listen! It is a day of the revelation of My nature; of the essence of My being. I have given you rest from your enemies without, but now I desire to give you rest within. Listen! I have set you apart to listen. I want to whisper to you, to draw so close to you that you can hear My gentle whisper. The former things are come to pass. New things do I declare and before they spring forth, I will tell you of them.

I want a permanent dwelling place, but not as you think. It is not a building I want to inhabit. I want to fully inhabit you! Let Me build/make you a house, David. Let Me create a habitation for My presence within you. Let me make you My Holy Temple. My heart and yours will be joined until they beat as one. From then on, we will be together. My presence will always go with you and I will bring you into My glorious rest.”

Silence filled the room. Silence filled David, too. The king stood dumbfounded. His legs felt weak and were trembling. He bowed in awe before the King of kings and Lord of lords and fell to a sitting position before His God. He worshiped silently out of the stillness within him.

As David remained quietly at the Lord’s feet, a small seed began to sprout in his spirit. It grew quickly until the revelation he had just received from the Lord gripped his heart. Words began to form. His tongue, now released, erupted in streams of adoration. In great humility, David reveled in the glorious presence that attended God’s words and prayed: “For thou, O Lord of Hosts, hast revealed to thy servant, saying I will build thee an house . . . with this blessing, let the house of thy servant be blessed forever.”


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