When the Dust Settles

For He brings down those who dwell on high, the lofty city; He lays it low, He lays it low to the ground, He brings it down to the dust” (Isaiah 26:5)

Thus saith the Lord: “The ungodly will flee at My presence. They shall be scattered . . . even scattered as dust before Me. For the flood of ungodly men has made My people afraid. I will NOW ARISE and DRY UP the flood of ungodliness. 

I will send a mighty wind and BLOW AWAY the enemies of My people. You will look for them and not find them, for I, the Lord your God, am about to move in POWER on behalf of My people. Do not be disturbed by the things you see for you have not seen Me move in this way before. You have not seen the hills shake at My presence. You have not seen the fire that goes before Me. You have not heard the mighty wind in which I move nor seen the Way in the seas that I make as I move through the oceans of the world.      

Watch as I lift you, My righteous people, above the stench of the world into the place of holiness where I dwell; above principalities and powers and their rule over you. For have I not said you will be the head and not the tail? Have I not said to them that overcome that they will rule and reign with Me? THIS is THAT TIME, saith the Lord. This is the time of the exaltation of the righteous remnant.

Again, I say unto you. WAIT. Wait through the earthquakes, wait through the fire, wait through the wind, for at the end, I will speak and you will see CLEARLY what I am asking you to do. You will see CLEARLY those of the same spirit and calling; those who will be with you in these last days. You will see CLEARLY as I lift MY remnant to rule with Me. You will see CLEARLY the character of My Son revealed in My people. Communication will be CLEAR once again. I will speak to you plainly and you will move accordingly. Then you will see My GLORY fill the earth for you will see MY people work WITH ME in a cooperative effort to establish My Kingdom on this earth. You will see My people move in love towards one another, each one preferring the other. You shall arise and shine as one in this move and sweep VERY QUICKLY over the earth gathering all who shall be saved . . . then shall the end come, saith your God.”

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